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Fitna – The Movie

You know, actually I really don’t want spend anytime on this whole debate going on in my country about our policitian Geert Wilders and his short Film Fitna, but I couldn’t  help it. Apperently there is some british comedian, and who has made several videos about who we Europeans are actually scared to death of our Arab friends.  Now I don’t agree with every single point he makes in these two videos, especially since he is comedian. He does make some good points about how we Europeans should stand for our rights as soveriegn countries and we should be bullied around. Now I really wonder if he has gotten any death threats yet by some obscure islamic terror cell???   Cheerz 

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I got my PayPal account hacked

Yes, its true some smart ass Indonesian mofo hacked my paypal account. I figured out yesterday during they when I got an e-mail (which mail btw, put in my spam box), that my PayPal account had be suspended for suspicious transactions. I’m like, wtf and I got my ass over to the paypal website to see if something really happened.  The interesting thing was as well, that I got a response in from some ebay seller earlier that morning that shipping cost 20 bucks for an unlocked iphone. Early in the morning, that did not ring a bell, so I only made the link later that afternoon when I noticed some dude used my paypal account to pay some iPhone he bough on eBay. To make matters even worse, he changed my name on ebay to his, and even left the shipping address behind in ebay as wel as PayPal. He also added some visa card number, which he probably stole, put that on my paypal account using an old adres I left in there, under a bogus + name + my family name and charged to that card. Well, I was pretty damn pissed off to say the least!!!. I’m very careful when using creditcards, or paying for shit on the net, I never put my password or usernames in in e-mails or whatever. Apparently, anyone can be hacked, but no knows why me and how the mofo managed to hack it in the first place. Now, my password was very strong, did consist of two words, but put together in a way that makes no sense at all. Now I have stronger password, with non existing words and  letters, its still not uberstrong, but should keep the occasional Indonesian hacker out. So, I had to change most of my passwords as wel.. All in all, its pain the ass and lot of shit. But I documented everything, so if they ever give me any shit about this, I’m gonna sue paypal, American style!!! 

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And the saga continues…

Well, the my broken hip bone is healing slowly, I hope.. I can move my leg more easily eveyday, but the its healing pretty slowly. What really sucks though, is the effect of my broken hip on my studies. I’m currently waiting for my results back from the Exam committee from the University of Tilburg. I had sent a letter to committee, because breaking your hip is not a good enough reason to allow me to retake the exams I missed because my hospital stay and inability to take the re-exams in the 2nd week of March.

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Broke me hip, Shite happens

I dunno who does, or does not know but had small accident with my Bike last on Februay 20th. I was heading home from a party on my bike and I managed to slip and hit the sidewalk. I was in some serious pain in my left leg at the moment, but it didn’t seem as if I broke anything. Probably sprained a muscle or so, so I didn’t call 911. So my friends helped me get home that night. They were coming from the same party. The next morning, the pain in my hip joint was still there, so that wasn’t good. When I tried going the bathroom, I mistepped and the pain got a lot worse than it already was. Now, when i put pressure on the left leg, it seemed as if my whole bone in leg would turn inside the leg. That was not right, not a natural thing to say the least. The pain at moment was so severe, I didn’t know how I was ever going get down the stairs and to our local md or hospital. So, the doctor came by and told me to visit the hospital to take a picture of my leg because there were signs of a broken hip joint, ouch.. No wonder it hurt so bad. At this point in time, the pain was so severe that we had to call an ambulance to get me down the of the stairs and to hospital. (My Mom came to the rescue just before the doctor did) To keep it short, once a the hospital they made some x-rays of the pelvis area and it was true, I did brake my hip joint bone, or what ever it is called. It broke right on top of the ball joint, which is a very nasty way to break it. This bone usually breaks when your sixty years or older, but I pulled it off anyway. So, they had operate on the bone, put some screws is it, so that it grows back together. YESSS.. fun fun fun. I HATE hospitals!!! They finally operated on my bone that evening at 11 p.m., the operation took about 1.5 hours. I stayed at the hospital till Sunday, and since that time I have been at home recovering from the operation / accident in The Hague, NL. I have to walk with crutches for 6 weeks to 3 months, relying on how well the bone grows back together again. I will not know now for sure if the operation was successful for at least 3 years because there is chance that the bone won’t grow back together. then, they will need to replace the whole hip.  If not, I’m still scheduled (not really, but they probably will have to remove the screws sometime in the future) for a 2nd operation in a couple years to remove the screws again from the bone. Shit happens, but I wanted to let you all know. I’ll try to be online a bit more on msn or facebook. I’m on twitter and pownce as well. 

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Yub Yub Dave

If your alive, please leave message on the end of this blog post. you know who you are, btw

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Why the NS STILL SUX.. our Dutch Railway Company

Hey, I can still blog… and I just have to get out to the w0rld that, its true that our Railway company still sux. In the last couple of months, I was regaining some faith back that they actually can follow the timetable, but they didn’t today. Right before the train is about halfway, like a quarter mile infront of the train station, the thing just DIES.. like, it losses air pressure, resulting in halt and after that, extreme silence… THEN, they don’t tell you anything for like 15 minutes about what the heck happened… and then, the train ticket man, comes in tell tel us what happened, that it lost powered.. and that they were trying to fix, and hopefully that they could resume service.. I was in the last train, after which you’ll find the locomotive. First, the light go out, and they power the whole thing down…and which they manage get it going again. Total waste of my time, 30 minutes, of which they leave you in dark for 15 minutes, and then litterally for another five… Friggin NS, it like 2007, shit like does should left behind the dark ages… TRAINS always die on my, its not funny.. and I had no bad thoughts at all, besides that i have international Financial Managment exam tomorrow morning at 8:45. EEEEEkk..

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ShoZu lives

Hey Everyone,

In case you where wondering what all these seemingly random images are doing on my blog, they from my Palm, using the shozu app. What it does is that it allows you take content from your phone straight from your camera and post it directly on my wordpress blog, or in Facebook, or Flickr or some other web-ish destination. I did run into some issues, especially when trying to upload foto which included a title, some comments and tags. It wouldn’t post it on wordpress blog but it would post to facebook. The intergration though with my Palm works pretty well, once you take a new picture it ask you right away if can upload it to your favorite destination.



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Busy days, busy times

and weird decisions not to go, when you feel thats its the smartest thing to do. I had a busy day today, it was long, from 10 am to 9 pm, but i still love the work. Then my sis calls me and offers me go on a vacation with one of her hot friwnds, Joanna.. She is pretty damn good looking, but there are two things.. that just get in the way. First, I don’t even know this chica, I mean.. I only know her from some pics and my sis is mumblings. On top of that, in worse case scenario, I will or might possibly have a re-exam on 31st of July.. So i can go on a vacation with me sis and her friends and have a shit load of fun in Rome, or can play it safe and actually pass my bachelor degree for a change.. So, what would you do… let me know

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