About Sebastiaan a.k.a Sebdude

General Background:

Hi, my name is Sebastiaan van den Akker… that was hard. lol. Well, to start of.. I consider myself a world citizen, the following is the reason why; When I was eight, I and my family moved to Rabat Morroco 1990 til 93, moved back to good ol Holland til 96, when I moved to Beijing, China. There, I spent another for years of my (if not, the best of my youth) life. In 2000, we moved Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 5 years. I only spent 2 years in Riyadh, I went back to Rotterdam, the Netherlands to start my University Education there. THis wasn’t such a succes during my first years, since I spent more time at my Student Fraternity then at the University. Thus, in 2003, i had to start over again in Tilburg, to start my study there in Business Studies. I finishing that of this year, 06-07 and I have start my Master in International Business. Ever since i left the Netherlands, my education has been in English. I have made friends with people from many different nationalties, and look at the world in a different way then I would of if I never left the country. This is because my Dad, works for ministry of Foreign affairs. Moving around every 3 to 4 years isn’t any fun, but sure wouldn’t of want to miss this opportunity for a life time. The Schools I went to the in foreign countries, included Rabat American School (RAS), the International School of Beijing (ISB) and the American International School of Riyadh (AIS-R). It has been quite an experience, moving around and adapting to very different cultures of your own, but I cannot wait to leave this country and get a job at some multinational company to rejoin the expat community. I always explain what i have as a virus, once it gets in your body and you lived in different countries from your own, you yearn for more!!!.. Its true.. I have sister, named Quirine who is Dubai right now at the time of writing following an Managemant trainee ship at the Meridien Airport Hotel, in Dubai. and she is loving it, even though my parents have their doubts about this. I wanna leave to, kinda sick of staying in one plave for more than 4 years, which its gonna be next summer of 2007.

Hobbies / What i do for Fun

I just love music and going out… the only problem with both of these things is that they cost money which I currently can’t afford to much of with my Student grant and my meager salary i get for my crapy call center job. For, the rest, I really love any with technology and gadgets. Some would call me a Mac Addict, which I geuss to some extent is true. I really do prefer a Macintosh to any other PC clone out there, but they are some exceptions to that. Mac OS X is really easy to use, hardly ever crashes.. can’t remember the last time it did, no driver errors or anoying spy or spamware. It just works. Our first computer was a Mac, main reason though for that was because the computer they used at the American Schools were macs too. Anyway, went pc from there after that computer and then switch back to mac, and never back last year. Good choice, especially since the every increasing list of virus and other crap out there from pcs. I actually got a job at an new Apple Premium Reseller, (<– yes, they can’t sew my ass now, because I didn’t say it was an Apple center) opening up at the Heuvelstraat in Tilburg near the end of October, and really excited about that. I didn’t think i’d get the job.

Relationships and Stuff

Nothing, nada.. not much to say at the moment. still a bachelor, have no plans to marry or get divorced any time soon. The Bachelor life is not too bad, and I haven’t met the rite girl yet, but this can always change in the future.

Thats about it folks, its a general discription about who I am, and what my life has been so far. Check the blog for updates..


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