Posted by: sebdude | December 29, 2015

From jobless Business uni graduate to WordPress developer – part 1

The funny thing is that people actually still visit my blog. Even though, I hardly post any new information on this thing. And, the theme is absolutely terrible, and probably not even responsive either. More on that later.. So, what has changed; a lot, really. I finally graduated from University, YEAH! (3 years ago) Took me bit longer that the average soul, so that’s not that great really. So, first thing on your mind once you graduate is: “let’s find a job at a fortune 500 company”. DREAM BIG! Preferably even Apple! or Shell, or some other awesome valley tech company.

I would have no issues whatsoever moving to the States, or packing my bags and just leave if there is an awesome opportunity abroad and I would be crazy not to do so. My sis has done this several times and it brought her mixed bag of successes, but you got adventure! Some Indiana Jones lifestyle, that be awesome. But, almost exactly three years ago, I just wasn’t that adventerious and was looking for a new job closer to home. At that point in time, I also wasn’t so sure about how well my hip replacement was going to hold up, so traveling to a country with mediocre health care didn’t seem like the best idea then. Neither did ending up in a foreign hospital… But it was 2012, our economy in Holland was recovering from the recession, and  the job market was not that great. (translation – shite) Thus, as many grads from Uni at that time, I started applying for jobs, traineeships and the like, like a maniac! And that approach wasn’t so successful.

I was old, by standards of the average Uni graduate (average is 24-27), so that did’t help me that much. At my 29 years of age that time, competition was a bitch. Most “young professionals” at that age, the term used for employees with like 1-3 years experience in Netherlands had more experience than me. And if they wanted someone with a clean slate, they rather take someone a couple years younger than me, preferably with boobs. Kinda like, “Can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, BS if you ask me. I wasn’t that old either. Its not like I couldn’t learn new things, or that I was at an disadvantage compared to other young grads. So most rejection letters could be summarized like this:

  • You do not fit the profile for this function…
  • You got a beautiful Resume, but were still not hiring you..
  • No reaction what so ever.. the worst if you ask me
  • Your too creative, why not follow your passion…
  • Or, telling me to change something I can’t easily change.. really annoying
  • Finding some other random little thing to reject you on..

Now if I did somehow manage to pass the first selection, either getting an invite to one of those really annoying online competence test, or convo with a recruiter.. For example, I applied for the “Rijkstrainee programma”, quite popular under young Uni graduates. It was 3 year trainee programma within the government. There was no job guarantee, but if you did well in the program you could be quite successful. I never made it through those tests, i just really hate those type of test because it puts so much pressure on you to perform. So, I applied twice to this program, and I was rejected twice because you guessed it, I didn’t fit the profile. I was more an leader rather than taking a orders from someone else. Being rejected for a job, or by a girl for is part of human life. But, if your not sure why you’re being rejected all the time, or if they give a different reason every time isn’t very useful. This means you can’t do anything, improve yourself, or paint a better picture so that you have at least some chance getting further into the application process.

After having been rejected by a variety of reasons from all sorts & types of employers, I decided something need to change. This was in the summer of 2012, so I could get some type of temporary work, like a job a blockbusters or maybe in a call center. In my free time during the last couple years, I ran a little wordpress blog. Actually, this the one you’re reading right now. It was quite Daily back the then, but not so much now. So my Mom, who was in board member of the Dutch ministry of foreign affairs’s foundation for partners and family members of diplomats sent abroad, asked me If I could update their website. So I heard about this little blogging platform called wordpress, which you could use to run a simple blog, or a feature complete content management system. Sure, i took the job. Me, as a tech geek really couldn’t resist the challenge, and it shouldn’t be too hard. I studied Business, but at heart I’m just a tech geek wanting to find a job where I could get paid for following my passion for tech. The sweet spot would of course be a job at Apple, but I didn’t see that happening any time soon. Mind you, I was still studying while I was building, and managing the site for the foundation.  This was the start for change I was going to start this summer.. which is going to be second part of this blog post. So, you just have to wait for bit.


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