Posted by: sebdude | December 14, 2009

Time for an update

Wow, it’s been some time since I’ve last update my blog!! I think I just saw that the last time was in April, friggin April peepz, that’s like more than half a year ago. Too long, really but I’ve been quite busy with my thesis. My sister left for Dalian in september, she is doing her hotel management final internship their at the Kempinski hotel. Quite a few miles away actually. But, it’s china and if I’ll get a chance I’d still go in a heart beat. That is, too a large city with a big foreigner community. Nor some tertiary shite whole like Dalia n. No offense sis.

Anyway, I’m finanly on my way with my thesis, it’s nice to see it finally gain some speed, but only one small issue. Don’t know yet where I’m going get my data set from. Database which I was going to use kind of decided to charge some serious for the research, the exact price i’m not yet aware of, but it probably won’t be 3 cents either. In case your wondering, it’s going to look at the reasoning behind buying medicine via the internet. Interesting topic, but nowhere near easy. If it was too easy, it won’t be called a thesis.

Also just took exam, and I’ll just have to wait and see how the results turn out. I really want to finish this whole studying, when I am at uni, starting to feel old. That’s not good and definitly a sign I need to leave uni asap.

Anyway, that’s about it for now. I’m in the train now as heading from Tilburg to The Hague as writing this on my phone. Are Dutch railway company is doing there job properly, so I had to do something to pass the time.




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