Posted by: sebdude | April 27, 2009

Fixed my hip – The beginning

Wow, its been a while since I updated my blog… like a long time.. at least with a decent post about something actually relating to my real life.!!! Anyway, I’ve decide to split this blog post into three parts. Today, I will start with how I ended up in hospital again…

The shit storm starts…

Well, one thing was for sure, Sometime in the future, they were going to have to remove the pins or screws from my hip in the future. There was no date yet for this set in stone, but It was going to happen anyway. The shit storm started back in december 2008. I noticed that I had more pain in left hip, the one that I broke last year February in a bicycle accident. It was really pain from the muscles themselves, so I wasn’t too worried about it, or at least.. something that some more physical therapy could solve.  At least, thats what I though.. the only thing with this new pain… was the timing.. It was right about when I had my exams for International Business, the master I am studying @ Tilburg University. Pain is not something that helps you study, and neither does extra physical therapy come in well with the time that it takes. My therapist said it was probably the muscle shortening due to change in length of the left leg.. not good, but not anything that could kill me. The physical therapy did help, so and it went ok till end january when I noticed that was also a significant decrease in my overall condition and the fitness of my muscles… At this point I realized that I probably couldn’t wait until the summer to take take out the pins, and that operation should maybe moved to march.

Not only my physical condition started to get worse, but the symptoms started to change as well. My colleagues at work noticed every week that my walking wasn’t getting any better and that I started to lean more to one side. The pain changed, from being muscle pain to pain that was coming from the groin and hip area. It seem to come from the hip bone itself, very similar to what I felt when I broke the thing last spring. I made appointment with my orthopedic surgeon to see if we could maybe move the surgery for removing the pins to earlier date, preferably after my re-exams that I had in the third week of march. My conditioned further worsened to the point that I couldn’t really walk without crutches, so that every single step was painful. I had to stop working, and this really didn’t help either with my preparation for my re-exams in march. I had to make another appointment two weeks after that last with my orthopedic surgeon to see what was going wrong. So, he ordered another x-ray of the hip and decided that another x-ray, a cat-scan was necessary to see where the problem lies. This wasn’t  a guarantee either for a solution since the pins would block a proper view of the hip structure.

Diagnoses: New Hip

Anyway, to cut to the chase.. all was not well in hip land (obviously)… It was still holding together, and thank god… it didn’t break again but the arteries around the ball of the hip joint never really recovered.. So, the bone started to slowly and slowly deteriorate to point that there isn’t much hip bone left. Usually, something that only happens to old people because of wear and tear on the joint. A pretty drastic decision had to be made, and that was that I was going get total hip replacement surgery. Nothing besides completely replacing the hip could fix it at this point in time. This also explained the severe pain I was having, similar to the amount of pain that I had when I broke the hip last february in the first place. Now, only one problem was left. Setting the date for the operation. The doc wanted to do it as soon as possible, but this wasn’t really option because of my re-exams I had in march. Dutch university are notoriously inflexible in make changes or exceptions to exam schedules or allowing you to take your exams at different time even if you are half dead or you broke your hip. So I had to delay the operation till the end of march, march 25th to be exact… I had to duke it out, with my hip and some serious abuse of pain killers for about another month till I could have my operation. Not something to look forward to, but there was no other option. This wasn’t that great either for my study, since studying with shit loads of pain isn’t very effective either. By this time, I was walking again with two crutches, almost in the same condition I was in right after my first hip operation… not so good.

In my next post, the operation… fun fun fun.


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