Posted by: sebdude | May 9, 2008

Update on my health

Well, I have done a pretty bad job at keep my blog update. Not that my health has changed alot in the last month. In the beginning of April, I went to see my doctor specialized in hips, and he said I had to continue walking with two crutches for another 4 weeks. In the end of April, I went back again to the doctor, and he told me that I had continue walking with two crutches for another six weeks. I really did not expect, in the end I might end up walking with two crutches for another two months. This isn’t all negative, on my most recent x-ray of my hip compared to the one made in the beginning of April, the hip has stayed in place. And it’s slowly, very slowly growing back together again. But it still sucks, especially with nice weather, i want to Rollerblade, i want go for a long walk, go to the beach or go for a bike ride in the dunes, not just stay home like an old fart. I’m 25 for gods sake.

Last week me and my parental units went to Keukenhof, which is a flower exposition which is held in the Netherlands every spring in the Netherlands. its one of those extremely touristy hot spots where are al tourist visit when go to Holland. I had never been there before, and it was truly beautiful. I didn’t know there were so many different types of tulips, and other flowers. Keukenhof is pretty large, so i had to pushed around in wheel chair which was fairly humiliating for me. Still, I’m glad at the end of the ride I could get out of the wheel chair unlike some very unlucky people who will never get out the wheelchair again.

Its easy to rant, its easy to blame someone else, but accidents happen. The truth of the matter is that life goes on, and that given some time, the hip fracture will heal, and if does not, I will just get hip replacement. Eventually, I will walk again, the question only is, how long will it take for my hip heal to level were i can function easily without too much problems. Lately, I have been ranting  a bit on twitter as well, but I guess its not bad as at home. That’s about it for now. Cheerz, Sebas


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