Posted by: sebdude | May 9, 2008

I love Twitter

I have gotten pretty fond of twitter lately, and I am one of those poeple who like get twitter, at least, thats what I think. My problem with it, is that I’m having a hard time getting my friends to join twitter. The geekish, they understand and love it. I also do, that way I can follow a few of my favorite tech hosts, like Leo Laporte, Cali Lewis, Kevin Rose and so on. I hardly have any dutch friends on twitter, besides for one, who I actually found by accident via Twitter search within you area search egine, or something like that. So where is everyboy and why aren’t you on twitter. Its like Instant messaging, only better. It’s not as much a pain in the ass bloggin, because it easy to use. Its not as annoying as IM, since you don’t need to respond to every message you recieve. And the more friends, and followers, the more fun it gets.

Twitter can even be usefull, some people use it for research. I think I will do same for my Master Thesis, see how other poeple view my topic. Anyway, I blogged enough for one day. My twitter account is @ follow me.


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