Posted by: sebdude | March 21, 2008

I got my PayPal account hacked

Yes, its true some smart ass Indonesian mofo hacked my paypal account. I figured out yesterday during they when I got an e-mail (which mail btw, put in my spam box), that my PayPal account had be suspended for suspicious transactions. I’m like, wtf and I got my ass over to the paypal website to see if something really happened.  The interesting thing was as well, that I got a response in from some ebay seller earlier that morning that shipping cost 20 bucks for an unlocked iphone. Early in the morning, that did not ring a bell, so I only made the link later that afternoon when I noticed some dude used my paypal account to pay some iPhone he bough on eBay. To make matters even worse, he changed my name on ebay to his, and even left the shipping address behind in ebay as wel as PayPal. He also added some visa card number, which he probably stole, put that on my paypal account using an old adres I left in there, under a bogus + name + my family name and charged to that card. Well, I was pretty damn pissed off to say the least!!!. I’m very careful when using creditcards, or paying for shit on the net, I never put my password or usernames in in e-mails or whatever. Apparently, anyone can be hacked, but no knows why me and how the mofo managed to hack it in the first place. Now, my password was very strong, did consist of two words, but put together in a way that makes no sense at all. Now I have stronger password, with non existing words and  letters, its still not uberstrong, but should keep the occasional Indonesian hacker out. So, I had to change most of my passwords as wel.. All in all, its pain the ass and lot of shit. But I documented everything, so if they ever give me any shit about this, I’m gonna sue paypal, American style!!! 



  1. Sorry, im just correct you, even your password long until 30 page its still can be broke. trust me. i know it. its just dont use same pass to another acc. so u wouldnt hurt until death 🙂

  2. It’s just not possible for hackers to guess or brute force a password with paypal nowdays… Its 100% likely that your password was phished or keylogged – that is to say you entered your password in on a fake paypal website or you have had spyware on your computer that keylogged you putting it in.

  3. im sorry to hear about your story and i hope it turns out for the best in the near future =)

  4. I’m experiencing the same issue right now. Except, they went ahead and purchased hundreds of dollars worth of… something using my debit card. The company appears to be a German company, and the URL is

    Paypal is apparently working on it, but the money has posted to my bank account and I’m several hundred dollars poorer until they decide to refund my money to my paypal account.

    It makes me so angry that people victimize hard working individuals like myself who are just trying to live life and be good to others. People truly disgust me sometimes.

    Needless to say I’m canceling my paypal account as soon as my money is posted back to my account. I’m also forced to close my bank account and open another, since they used my routing number/acct number to make these purchases. My guess is I’m also a high risk for identity theft now, since they had access to any of my personal information that was in the paypal login section.

    • I’m sorry to hear that, Carrie. I was pretty lucky since at that point in time, I didn’t have my bank account hooked into my paypal account and the credit card they used on my account was stolen too. So they didn’t use my cash, to do there evil stuff. I still do have that paypal account, but I hardly use it anymore. I when I do, I have verify every transaction becuase it seems as if my paypal account isn’t trusted at all. Just wondering, did you have a simple password for your paypal account. I did, and changed it two way more complicated password and till today, I have had no issues. I really hope ebay and paypal sort this out properly since i doubt we are the first people to get their paypal accounts hacked.

  5. Heya Sebdude.

    I used a decent password. It wasn’t as strong as it could have been, but it was a number/letter combination. I think my failure was that I used it with several different login screens, and I should have used a unique password with paypal as I do with my banking institutions. I’ve changed all of my passwords once again and hopefully that’s enough to keep me a little safer.

    • Hey Carrie,

      I made the same mistake, I had the same ebay password and the same one for paypal. It was pretty simple password 2, consisting of two words not usually put togethor in the same way. it sucks though you have to learn these things the hard way, especially with accounts such as paypal which effect your financially. Let me know how ebay handels this.. Nice topic for a new blog post, if you don’t mind… Usually these big companies don’t sort this stuff out until a lot poeple make a big fuz about it.

  6. My account was hacked only last week, did everything to stop this. They had ordered some goods for nearly £300.00 through my paypal account, changed the delivery address. Even though I notified everyone by phone nothing was done and had to wait for Paypals fraud investigation team to look into it. They say they looked into it over the course of 7 days and said there wasnt enough evidence and could not reimburse the amount taken, have no idea if any how I can get my money back.

  7. ha…ha..ha…..

    I’ll do it…again…..

  8. trust me………!!!

  9. hahaha i hakd your acc ahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahhaha im hacker i got 28$ 😛 😛 hahaha

  10. Donna, sorry to hear. I hope you receive your reimbursement. It took a few weeks for me to receive action on my behalf. It is a process and there is procedure they need to follow. Little consolation, I know. If you don’t receive help through PayPal, you should be able to contact your banking institution and obtain a refund. Particularly if the money was taken from your credit card, and not your debit card.

    xXx, I doubt you have the brains to do it at all, let alone “again.” Thanks for coming out, though.

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