Posted by: sebdude | December 18, 2007

Why the NS STILL SUX.. our Dutch Railway Company

Hey, I can still blog… and I just have to get out to the w0rld that, its true that our Railway company still sux. In the last couple of months, I was regaining some faith back that they actually can follow the timetable, but they didn’t today. Right before the train is about halfway, like a quarter mile infront of the train station, the thing just DIES.. like, it losses air pressure, resulting in halt and after that, extreme silence… THEN, they don’t tell you anything for like 15 minutes about what the heck happened… and then, the train ticket man, comes in tell tel us what happened, that it lost powered.. and that they were trying to fix, and hopefully that they could resume service.. I was in the last train, after which you’ll find the locomotive. First, the light go out, and they power the whole thing down…and which they manage get it going again. Total waste of my time, 30 minutes, of which they leave you in dark for 15 minutes, and then litterally for another five… Friggin NS, it like 2007, shit like does should left behind the dark ages… TRAINS always die on my, its not funny.. and I had no bad thoughts at all, besides that i have international Financial Managment exam tomorrow morning at 8:45. EEEEEkk..



  1. and did you pass the exam?

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