Posted by: sebdude | July 26, 2007

ShoZu lives

Hey Everyone,

In case you where wondering what all these seemingly random images are doing on my blog, they from my Palm, using the shozu app. What it does is that it allows you take content from your phone straight from your camera and post it directly on my wordpress blog, or in Facebook, or Flickr or some other web-ish destination. I did run into some issues, especially when trying to upload foto which included a title, some comments and tags. It wouldn’t post it on wordpress blog but it would post to facebook. The intergration though with my Palm works pretty well, once you take a new picture it ask you right away if can upload it to your favorite destination.





  1. why don’t you write about something else? like the price fluctuations of oranges or the horrible floods in south east asia??? Do you do anything else?? Ow.. btw.. how’s julliete?? did you call her yet????????

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