Posted by: sebdude | July 5, 2007

Busy days, busy times

and weird decisions not to go, when you feel thats its the smartest thing to do. I had a busy day today, it was long, from 10 am to 9 pm, but i still love the work. Then my sis calls me and offers me go on a vacation with one of her hot friwnds, Joanna.. She is pretty damn good looking, but there are two things.. that just get in the way. First, I don’t even know this chica, I mean.. I only know her from some pics and my sis is mumblings. On top of that, in worse case scenario, I will or might possibly have a re-exam on 31st of July.. So i can go on a vacation with me sis and her friends and have a shit load of fun in Rome, or can play it safe and actually pass my bachelor degree for a change.. So, what would you do… let me know



  1. Wise choice!

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