Posted by: sebdude | May 18, 2007

My Palm Treo 750v

About a month ago, I bought a new Palm Treo 750v. Reasons at that time were simple, I want a phone which had a decent pda capability because you take your phone along with you everywhere, and with a separate phone, iPod and a pda.. the pda is usually left at home since it just another device to fill up your pockets. So my choices where I could get a Blackberry pearl or Palm Treo 750v. I got the Palm since it had Windows Mobile 5 (yuck) compared to Blackberries propriety OS, which isn’t as easy to use. The good things I like about the device is that it finally offers a decently sized phone and pda combination with a qwerty thumb keyboard for easy data entry. It has good full featured pda functionally and it can download my e-mail and send my e-mail where ever I am (in holland). I can also surf the internet with and since it runs windows mobile, there a millions of different software applications that will work with it. the cons, it runs windows mobile and occasionally its just a little buggy. I need to reset the device every 3 days so that it works properly. I needed to buy extra software package, the missing sync for my Mac, so that i can sync it. Battery life is that great either, I need to recharge it every other day, buts that really not such a major issue. Why not the iPhone, because first of all, the devices still needs to hit the market in the US and Europe, which won’t be any earlier than December 2007. The device still needs to proof itselve that it really works well. Palm has being making Treos for quite some time now, like about 4 years so they definitly have more experience with it than Apple. Overall, I’m satisfied with the Smartphone, it does what it needs to well, be a pda and phone in one. Qwerty keyboard finaly allows my sms easier and write e-mails on the go. Buggy windows mobile and battery life are things I can deal with, and do not hinder proper use of the device much.


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