Posted by: sebdude | May 6, 2007

Why am I a Mac user?

Our first Mac

Its a really good questions, why did I switch to Mac several years back to the Mac. My, or should say our families first computer was a Apple Macintosh Performa 6200, running system 7.5.1. The reason for this was that back then, when I went to the American Schools in Rabat Morocco, and in Beijing china, they used macs. So for compatebility reasons, when we went Beijing, we bought a Mac. For my parents, this was great machine to learn using a computer since back then, Macs were easier to use then there windows counterpart pcs runnig. Win 3.1. Several years later, we bought a our first labtop, which was a Toshiba Satellite Pro 450CDT, but it ran Windoze 95. Yes, back then it seemed as if Apple was going down the same route as the Dodo, into extinction. Shame, since back then i was such a huge MacAddict, but even I was starting to lose my faith.  In 1997, though, Steve (Jobs) came back to Apple and it began to better again.


Well about 2.5 years ago, when my parents still were in Riyadh, in Saudi.. they were always complaing about how many problems there were with the PC, a Compaq btw and virus. I also was getting sick of having to help my parents constantly with tech support questions, I mean, I don’t Work for MS, so why don’t you get a Mac again? and it WORKED.. they go a Powerbook G4 12″, which I’m typing this entry on, mind you. I was pleasently suprised by the new Mac OS X operating system Tiger, how wel it ran and the ease of use, no more virusses or spyware. The OS was stable and it looked pretty while doing it. So, then about a year later, I got my own first Mac, an iBook G4. 15 Months later, the Parents got their iMac 20″ and I got my Macbook Core Duo 2, the 4th mac. lol, 3rd actually because I sold my iBook to buy a new Macbook.

Why am I a Mac user?

KISS, keep it simple stupid, is a good reason for why I am Mac user. Everyday I learn new things that make it simpler to do everyday task with your Mac compared to with a PC would take twice as much time. I also like the fact that I am different, think different was the old slogan from Apple campaign. Thus, i don’t want to use the same thing everyone use, neither am I fashion victim, so why should I do the same with my choice which computer I want use. On top of this, I was sick of having to tweak my system all the time and instal 3 or 4 different virus scanners to just keep your machine up and running. No maore random restart for various reason, no more troubleshooting and just really max the potential of what you can really do with your computer. Thats what a Mac is all about for me, and they also look nice. Thats about all for now..



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