Posted by: sebdude | May 3, 2007

Creative copies Apple (again) and Blogging something, means the whole world can read it 2

Creative is a firm which makes, or should I say copies mp3 players.. They introduced a new mp3 player, which looks just like Apple Shuffle, it even has a clip in the back, and they call it the Zen Stone. Zen Stone Oh well, its just funny to see the one of the companies who were one of the first to put a decent mp3 jukebox now copying the competitions.

Sometimes, I seem to forget that whatever I right in this blog ends up in google’s search results. What happened today is that I was googling for a certian person, when i actually found one of my blog entries about this certian person as the second or third search results on Google. This person is Francis, and what google highlighted was that I found out that she had a boyfriend, which I could of seen coming.. which is great because if she google this, I’m screwed. lol Well, Francis doesn’t have boyfriend anymore.. which is good. This means I can ask on a date some time in the future. That is, if there really is something or if I’am imagining things which i just in my mind. Just that she asked my sister last week how I was doing, doesn’t mean anything really.. or does it?? Jannes told me though to be carefull, especially since you really don’t want to have a girlfriend who works in a pub, since other guys will always hit on her and shit.. Stuff you don’t want… He even told me that apparently its just easier to go on the web and just sign up for a dating site, which is a much easier way to find a girlfriend. A couple of his mates found girlfriends and happier married now (just kidding) but that is a good option, since you get a chance to be yourself so that you really get know this person before you start dating. Anyway, I should stop writing now before I say too much, and I’m screwed even more..


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