Posted by: sebdude | April 30, 2007

Koniginnenach in The Hague

Sup Peeps,

I’ve been slacking with my blog about just ass badly with as my study, and from May onwards I’m going try to post something new everyday. otherwise its not a daily ramble, if you don’t update it everyday. Last night I met up some friends of mine to go to the anual Koniginnenach in The Hague, its pre-party, as you could say in celebration of the Queens day in the Netherlands, sounds gay I know, to celebrate the birth day of our states head. Anyway, they organise this huge party with several stages where various dutch bands as well as international bands perfrom from from 7:30 pm to 1:30 am in the night. We went to Los Lobos, Hasselhof and C-Mon and Kypski. Los Lobos was ok, even though they were band for older people if you ask me, so we left fairly quickly there. Then went to Hasselhof, a alternative / indie band I never heard of before, there were pretty good. the lead singer must of been on coke or something, this dude was so friggin hyper.. it was scary.. but cool non of the less. Finally we went C-Mon and Kypski, who we really cool.. just no way to describe what type of music they played, guess electronic with rock.. The fun thing about Koniginnenach though is the complete organized chaos in the center of the city and sfeer hanging around, really bad translation. You have to of experienced it in order to understand what I mean. Next year, I’m going again.. but then we should head out earlier into the city around 7 pm so we can catch most of the performances…


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