Posted by: sebdude | March 8, 2007

Please, give me an Joost invite

I really hate begging, its not my style.. but I ain’t gonna pay money for something that is not yet a a finished product or whatever, So I decided that begging for one over my Blog might actually work. The reason I want one is simple, i have two very fast internet connections here in Holland to test them with, running either on a PC with enough horse power and a couple of intel Macs. I will then beta test the system throughly, on mac as pc, and then write a review on this blog. So, if you are a kind person who has Joost invite, please send it to my email bob {AT} kyuu {dot} nl  Help a brother out. In case you wondering what Joost is all about, go to or google it.. You’ll find out more.. Anyway, I have to get back to my study.. I doubt anyone will read this anyway.. who has a Joost invite.. got exams coming up in the following week.

Seb out

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