Posted by: sebdude | February 14, 2007

Why Valentines days SUCKS!

Well, there is really no reason for, mainly probably because I don’t have a valentine, or girlfriend for that matter.. But its a free world isn’t it. The only reasons it sucks is because some guys, a long time ago decided that they needed to create a date in the month of february to increase the amount of profit they generate in the months after the Holidays… and they named it Valentine’s day.. A great day, to go buy your secret sweet heart, a big old gift… YESSS. isn’t that really what you want to do, spend money on shit she will never use anyway.. But still, if you do have a girlfriend, please do buy her a gift.. so that she won’t impale you with a large stick or any other sharp pointy objects.. If you do disagree with me about Valentines day, please feel free to leave a comment below


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