Posted by: sebdude | January 19, 2007

I found my old bike while buying a new one

Yup, It happened to me.. I was going to the merkelbach straat to get a old bike for a new price and I found my old bike. It was laying new a bike rak. Anyway, the bike was missing a front wheel, its new seat or sadel, that I replaced a month ago and the backlight which i also replaced. And I probably know who did it, but since I don’t want to get stabbed or shot at, I think I’ll just keep it to myself. Here are some bike mugshots..

Here are two snaps of the new one…

I was able to salvage the old lock from my old bike.. which still is in fine condition.. Weird world today.. I mean who steals a bike fore one wheel, one bike sadle and a back light..  WEIRD

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