Posted by: sebdude | January 11, 2007

Leopard, where are you???

# A Leopard update: The vaunted missing features? Still missing. Ship date? Still unspecified as “Spring 2007.” Progress toward ship date? Unknown. Come on, Steve, couldn’t you have dropped at least a sentence or two on Leopard?

Macworld: Editors’ Notes: Expo reaction: iDisappointed

Yeah steve, what happened the windows vista killer of all time???? They keynote was great, and the iphone is awesome, but where is Leopard???? I mean, I’ve managed to get my hands on some betas of Leopard, but the interface is still the same.. Rumors have been circling around that maybe an update to GUI, called Illimunious or something along those lines, so I’d love to see some more of that. It’s more like iPhonexpo this year.. Theoretically, Leopard could be hitting the shelves as soon as 2 months from now, and all steve says in his keynote, “We’ve got some great products coming out for the mac this year, but that’s all folks..”  onto the iPhone, which isn’t shipping any earlier than June 2007.. anyway.. enough with my rant.. for now..

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