Posted by: sebdude | January 11, 2007

iTunes Windows problem… it lost al my songs…. iFixed it !!!


I started up my iTunes on my windows pc.. which has my main iTunes library.. yeah.. its a pc.. But it starts up… and my WHOLE music library was gone..  I’m like… WTF.. so I go to the apple website.. I found some info.. but It wasn’t really usefull.. so this is what I did.. I navigated over to the itunes music folder, usually located in your docs folder, under music. I deleted the iTunes Music Libary.xml file and the iTunes Libary.itl file… here is the trick.. you find the most recent and largest temp file, rename it to iTunes Library.itl and restart iTunes.. voila… your music and video is back….  cool huh…

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  1. It’s still valid for the most recent version almost 4 years later! Thanks a lot, you saved me from a lot of work 🙂

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