Posted by: sebdude | January 9, 2007

Exam 5: International Management, Bike Stolen and Chevrolet Volt


Hello everyone,  just though taking a break from studying and updating my blog will help. I had another exam yesterday, International Management, which was comprimised out of 50 Mutiple choice questions which were not easy. You had 5 choices for each question, a,b and c, and then you could choose for all of the answer a-c are right or there all wrong. What kind of shit is this, I mean, and they trying to make it hard???? WTF I took me one and half hour to complete the exam out of the maximum time we had, 2 hours, so this was not too bad.

My bike was stolen:

Shit happens, but not to everyone. Anyway, after having managed to keep this old bike for 3.5 years, which is long for dutch standards, it was finally stolen this week. This happened when I lent my bike out to one of my housemates, who did lock it.. but because the gate was left open, they jacked it anyway. The interesting remains to be, that there were two other bikes there, of my other housemates, who are much newer than mine, who were not jacked. Well, it happened, it might of well my housemate’s ex boyfriend.. will never know.. According to the our landlord, this has hapenned before becuase bikes of the people who work below in the restaurant have been stolen as wel..

Chevrolet Volt:

I like cars, but I usually don’t blog about them, because I’m more interested in the tech scene, or Apple related news. Well, I saw the movie, “Who killed the Electric Car?” this weekend, and it was about GM, general motors who had a project in the 90s in which they introduced a car, the EV1 in California which ran completely on electric power. Its range was shite, but a lot people were interested in the because you could easily charge the thing at home over night, and for their daily commute, the range was more than enough. Several years later, GM completely killed the EV1, because it saw it too much as threat to the oil industry. Shame, because it really was a green car. Today, I red an article in the NRC.NEXT, which is a dutch newspaper about a concept car, the Chevrolet Volt, and to keep it simple, this hybrid car, not as whe know them today, but it can also charge from the wall outlet.. Ring a bell, The machine has electric motor, which drives the machine on batteries, and when the batteries dies, it has small engine which drives a little generator to power the car on. There is no direct drive to wheels as with all current hybrids. This gives the car an outstanding mileage, and with some small commute work, this means the car might not even use its gasoline fuel, becuase the range of the battery is suffiecient. For in more indepht review, click on the linke above. It seems as if, the EV1 paid of because it makes GM the first automaker to implement a hybrid system like this before the Japanes automakers. Will see where this goes. I’m gonna get one, if ever comes.. or a car similar to it.. I don’t really like the design.

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