Posted by: sebdude | January 5, 2007

Reinstalled the Server pc

Fun FUn FUN..

Yeah, i got to reinstall our home media server pc, as I call its the only pc will still have in the house, its main purpose is retrieving files from the net and storing them.. I upgraded the machine with a 320gb harddrive, thinking I could just copy the contents from the old 80 gb harddrive to the new one, didn’t work thanks to Partition magic 8.0, just gave a BSOD.. so I had to reinstall MS Win xp Pro, also made an image of the thing, so in the future I can easily put in back in case the machine dedices to act up again.. JOY… its still running windows.. so anything can happen.. Linux is really alternative, it even nerds me out.. and thats bad.. Too complicated and to many commands.. to remember in case you mess up certian aspects of the operating system, which I do. Thats why I’m a very happy mac users, it justs works….. The machine is a lot quiter now, and gained 240gb in storage, aprox, so thats not too bad… in the mean time I have continue studying for my exams.


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