Posted by: sebdude | January 4, 2007

My AKG’s K 27i broke

Well, 7 months ago I bought a new pair of headphones for my iPod, because the old Philips backband won’t do anymore… So i bought a pair of AKG 27 i, in white to match with me iPod. Its, not like I’m trendy or anythings, its just that the other cheaper version of this model looked to cheap, to be true, so I got these. Anyway, so i wanted to take of my headphone from head, as normal, like with a normal amount of force, and the left speaker just breaks of the band.. GREAT QUALITY Awesome, thats why you pay 62 euros for, @ Well, they have done a great job so far, I mailed my waranty complaint in at 12:21, got a reply around 2 hours later.. and the got the rma form by 16:30, just in time to sent it over there via the postal services. I wonder if they actually give me a new one, or just fix this one with duct tape. We also bought a new waste bin, which actually resembles R2D2 more than a waste bin, its one of those waste bin with a foot pedals… the only bad thing with it is that in order to replace the garbage bag, you need to life the whole waste bin, not just the lid, to get to an internal bin which contains the actually garbage bag.. SMART DESIGN wesco…

The AKG K 27i might i add that there sound quality for their size is really good… but the build quality

The Wesco waste bin and R2D2

Go to fullsize image

Stunning isn’t it, George Lucas should be proud.. Maybe if my parents don’t want to use it as Wastebin anymore, I’ll build my own Wesco R2D2… YEAH

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