Posted by: sebdude | January 3, 2007

Kiss DP-600: nothing but trouble

We decided to get my dad a KISS dp-600 for Christmas, well that machine is nothing but trouble.. We finally wanted a good solution for streaming our DVDs divx and other type a files over the wireless network to the machine. The thing plays dvds alright, but thats about it.. Its streaming of divx, xvid, and streamed dvds is nothing but trouble. EIther it doesn’t the play the file at all, or it plays it starts messing up. It can’t actually stream wireless dvds over the network, the bandwith is too low. So, you need to hook up a etherne cable… Then it does play them, but some dvds don’t have any sound. Neither does it show the menus or anything. The only option now seems as a normal computer or mac mini, so that you can send/download the dvds beforhand to machine, and then play them. The Kiss DP-600 is not a bad machine if you want to stream some low bitt rate divx, xvid or mpeg4 files but otherwise it just does not do the job.. Shame, because I had some high hopes.


If you have any tips, advice or other options… Please let me know…


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