Posted by: sebdude | November 21, 2006


Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to write a quick review about this cool little shareware app I managed to get for three thanks to Macheist. Its called 1Passwd, and as the name implies, its got something to do with passwords. The things, if you an internet sl*t like me, you sign up for many different forums, photoservices, and whole other load of crap that requires you to log on with username and password. Once you have so many different logons, like me I have hard time remembering which logon is for what, and that is what 1passwd comes is, it stores all your passwords in protected archive for which you only need to know its password. Not only does it store passwords, but it stores form information as well, even you creditcard info. It stores it an encrypted file, so you don’t need to worry about security issues. On top of this, the programs works interchangeably between all you Mac browsers, thus firefox, Safari, Flock and Camino, meaning that if you store a password in Safari and open the site next day in Flock, it enters your password info automatically. Isn’t that sweet…. Oh, know onto the bad news.. its mac only.. you suckers…



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  1. It sure beats my old keychain.

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