Posted by: sebdude | November 12, 2006

Red Bul Knock Out in Scheveningen, Nov 2006

I just really feel like telling the world what a great even Red Bul organized pretty much on my front porch, in Scheveningen. They organized a dirt bike race, or motocross race on the beach infront of my apartment. In one word, it was AWESOME.. Marc van Reuver, a dutch guy actually won the race, beating a belgian and frenchman.. GO HOLLAND yess. I took several pictures with my digicam and a made two movies.. They can be posted in request, and the pictures are on flickr.. By clicking on the pictures below, you can find the rest of the pictures. The even was one live television as well, so while you were watching tv, you could hear the bikes coming to take the hairpin turn which was infront of our apartment building. 500 people started in the race, it was really spectucalur seeing so many bikes trying to take the corner at the sametime, its pretty amazing that no one, so far I know ended up in the Hospital. Below on the right is a picture of the hairpin curve and the other picture you see picture of the ramp, which then drops below in half pipe like way where they have ride through. You should of seen it for yourself, it was awesome.

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