Posted by: sebdude | November 11, 2006

Its time for an update

Hey y’all,

Whazzup.. Anyway, its time for an update. University is good, just finished a project for Investment Analysis, which most of the work for it was done by Alena, my team mate.. Lucky bastard, well sometimes you just need a little luck. Exams are coming up soon, so I really need to dive in those damn books.  Yuck. Work is good, work at my local Apple reseller is going wel, actually sold my first Mac last week saturday. Another one switches.. Yess.. I’m just sitting here chilling in tilburg, got to work at 10 AM tomorow morning but thank god its work that I actually like to do, its nothing like that call center work. I’ve just watched ‘an inconvenient truth’ by Al gore. Its pretty good movie /  documentary, even though it dare to say that atleast 75% of the information he presents in the movie is common knowledge. Everyone just too fucking lazy to actually do something about, especially are friends over on the other side of the ocean, not channel. I’ve just started to watch, Accepted, I’ve still not seen the whole thing yet, but it seems funny though.. Last week, my parents went to Dubai to visit my sister, which gave me a whole week of peace from the parrentals. Pretty damn cool, I really miss the time when they were like gone for like 6 months. Spent some quality time with me mate, Rod we drank them beerz and we watched A-Team and Knight Rider. We eventually always ended up down below in a local pub, the Snooker Cafe Zeekant. I hope my mom doesn’t read this, which i don’t think she will. But, there too busy with selling our old house and getting are appartment ready for its makeover this winter. thats about it for now, i want to continue watching my movie.. but i really felt the urge to update my blog because I’m slacking of this week again.. see if can actually keep it up this next week. lol btw Rocketboom rules..

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  1. wat een pech, gelezen!!!

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