Posted by: sebdude | October 26, 2006


He does, believe me or not.. Me, my housemate and a friend of has too much fun with a very simple game like pacman. We also played pong, Halo and Project Gotham Racing 2 on me xbox. While we playing these games, Hertog Jan, a beer brand for those of who do not live in the netherlands helped us out. WE had way too much fun, we were really hard core gaming. Before we started, we had some Tortillas, where the food ended more on the floor than were supposed to end up, I spilled a beer over myself.. Wohoo

These are pictures of the kitchen this morning.. very fresh.. i might add

Pac Man Running in FLOCK… YEAH 

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  1. hoest met de studie??, tentamens are coming in 6 weeks.

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