Posted by: sebdude | October 25, 2006

Griffin iFill: Review

iFill: Fill y’r iPod up with free internet Radio
Free Internet Radio for your iPod

Hello everyone, this is my first review on my blog.. Its just something I did for fun. I want to tell you about really cool program I found on the internet yesterday. What is does is actually pretty simple, its a TiVo for you internet radio. It records internet radio which could be anything from vocal trance to your local favorite FM station, and it then saves this directly on your ipod. The quality is as good as the internet station itself. I tried it on my pc, with my old iPod Color 20gb.. It can record up 10 stations at the same time and its really easy to use. Its really cool because you could possibly record different stations everyday to listen during fitness, or where ever you use your iPod. The App is not free, it cost a mere $19,95. The only problem i ran into is that my iPod skips over some songs recorded by iFill, but I guess this just a small bug that should resolved quickly. You can download this program, and get one week free trial at Griffin’s website. It works both on Macs and PCs and it can be used with all iPods.



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