Posted by: sebdude | October 23, 2006

Wow, its been two busy weeks

Joanknecht & van Zelst

On wednesday, the 11th of October in went on a company visit to accountcy company which is located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. It was really cool, and it gave me completely different view about what accountcy really is about. We, me and group of 14 students who subscribed and were selected went to this inhouseday. We arrived their around 12, and were picked up by a team of assitant accounts to be taken to office building. First we had lunch there, and then we took part in a role playing game. At first when we heard this, it sounded boring but it actually was very interesting to see what kind of situation can occur between the client and accountants. Its not the stuffy job, sitting behind a desk and calculating spreadsheets and bedsheets. After this, we went to the local gold course and we took part in a golf clinic. We each got a chance to hits some golf balls at the driving range and do some putting on the green. After this, we had a chance socialize with the accounts, after this we had had dinner at the golf club. It really was a cool way to be introduce the accountcy job, as whole. You know, i actually see it as option when i finish my university education. Its on of the best ways get the know the different types of companies and sectors. Here in the Netherlands, there is shortage of accountants so I can see more as back up, or an option. I just like the idea that my future job involves alot a variation, and different clients and projects. I don’t want to end up doing the same repetive task for the rest of my life. Onto, the next adventure

The Innovators – my new job

Well, i finally quit my job at the call center 2 weeks ago. Not that it was so bad, but the whole calling thing was just getting on my nerves and pissing people of to earn money is definitly not a fun way of or fair way of earning cash. In the 6 months that I worked there, i did make some freinds there, and it kind of sucked to leave. But i found something more suitable for me, I got a part time job at apple center, well officialy we are just another store that sells Apple products, but most people recognize the name Apple center more easily. I found a the job on, in the forum, I replied, and didn’t expect to get response. I didn’t have any previous experience in working a physical store, but I did have the call center selling experience. So, I had job interview about a month ago and I got the job to my amazement. Of course, I am Mac Addict, there is no denying that.. ask my family and my friends. Its that extreme that my dad thinks I enter that Apple world and never surface anymore!!!! Well, I would love to get job at apple, and maybe some day take Steve’s place… but dream on.. its not going to happen. Anyway, so on Saturday the 14th of October, we had so called introduction day at Sven’s and Niels van der Harts house, they own the store, or do now. I met the rest of the sales team. We’ve got a really broad team from different sectors and strata of the dutch soceity. We have our sound guy, our two graphics dudes, and Astrid… our msn chick.. she is gonna kick my ass when she reads this.  A nice face always helps in a store.. yeah, and I’m the tech guy along with Niels… and Sven is the boss.. prettty much.. but good one at that. On intro day, Sven and Niels introduced us to the various facets of selling apple computers and ipod. We also got a sales training from his girlfriend. In the evening we went laser gaming, thats where you a game where shoot people with a laser gun, to get a score.. kind of like paintball and Quake 4, but without the pain or the virtual world. Last week saturday, was the my first day at the new store… Niels and Sven spent all of friday trying to get the store done in time, we ended up setting up the computers that morning between 9 -10 am, when people were waiting infront of the store for it to open. It was really busy, a lot of people came buy to check out the store. I sold my first iPod, yeah.. and a lot convos with people who hopefully will buy an iMac sooner or later. Selling in a mac is no way the same as selling a pc, a pc is all about the specs and the prices, with a mac, your selling an experience and just a computer with is simple to use, comes with a load of software to get your started with easy to use, but yet very powerfull. Anyway, I had great deal of fun, its alot easier convicing someone buy a products in which you believe and aprepciate, than something like an appionment with an insurance salesman, which you yourself have no interest in. Anyway, if you live in Tilburg, the Netherlands, and got some free time or need a new mac, some other iPod or related goodies or got time to kill, please pass by at Heuvelstraat 133a or click the link to find out more. Oh, we were on, which is dutch new site concerning Apple related news.. pretty cool..

Thats about it for now. I should really head to bed now.. got a busy day tommorow. Hopefully next week I’ll update my blog more often.

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  1. Yay you got the job! Congratulations 🙂 Now you can answer all my iPod-related questions lol…..e.g. my batterylife’s performance is way under expectation (not even 3 hours!) should I be concerned? Teach me thou great Apple-ling!
    x Olivia x

  2. Bassie!!

    wow this job sounds like it’s been made for you!! sounds like you are having a lot of fun!! i’m jealous..i really do not want to work for bilderberg when i get back. Want to do something more fun. This just blows…

    life here is fine.. went to irish village last night with friends from schooL! if you can come, i’m sure you’ll love it.

    Anyway, i’m still at work lol miss you loads!


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