Posted by: sebdude | October 8, 2006


Whazzup, Everyvone…

It’s been a busy week for me, and i didn’t manage to update my blog for some time now. So, that’s what I’am doing right now. I’m finally sliping back in to the rhythem of getting my study on. I actually like my master classes alot, they based for a great deal on cases, which actually apply to field of business… and its not just learning some more stupid frameworks by porter or freinds. In inbetween jobs right now. One more week of call center.. YESS, finally I’m going to quit that job. but the funny thing is, I kinda regrett it. I really had good time there, the works was crap but I met some really nice people there. But its not yet all settled and done just yet. I’m still waiting for a reply from my new boss to see how much I ‘m going to earn per hour at the Apple Centre in Tilburg. Its not a unimportant factor, since If I’m going to earn less than i did at the Call centre, I might actually keep my job there. For the rest, my week has been pretty good. Next wednesday, I have been selected to go on a company visit, an inhouse day as they call at an accounty bureau in Eindhoven, Joanknecht & van Zelst. So, Its not like a really want to become an account or something, but I want to find out what option there are for when I finish my study. Maybe accountcy is not as boring as I think it is, so who knows? I’ll keep ya posted. btw.. El Macco is fine, passed the apple hardware test without any problems, just a few sticky keys.. but you don’t notice that now anymore. THANK GOD.. now lets see if actually survives longer.

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  1. joow sebastiaan, in hoeverre wordt je echt geselecteerd voor zo’n inhouseday? Moet je echt aan een aantal eisen voldoen en selecteren ze je uit een grote groep mensen of valt dat wel mee?

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