Posted by: sebdude | September 27, 2006

For some reason I though I was almost done with Studying

Well, thats just completely not true!!!!

I realized that today, when I was one the campus going from one building to library to grab another book i need, for a homework assigment, as my Italian professors calls it.. Its homework, I  haven’t actually had any homework for like 5 years, and now I’m in my master courses, I get it again.. I still have maybe another 10 months to go, before my master officially finishs, but i think that still a SHIT load of work ahead of me, especially my master thesis. The Bachelor thesis was already a pain, imagine what my master thesis is going to be like!!!! ARGH..

I still haven’t figured what I want to do when I’m finished my study

Well, today via Integrand, the bureau at our University which can help you get an internship at many national and multinational companies. They have organized open days for us students, so that we can visit the ING bank en Joanknecht & Van Zelst consultancy bereau. I plan, if can actually can get in, to either of those.. so that I hopefully I can figure out what I might want to do for the rest of my life. Actually, I’m hoping to get into the Apple computer company, so that I can grow to become CEO of that company.. But thats just me dreaming about shit thats never going to happen.. Man, those palm beer are strong.. , only 5.4% BUT STILL. they can get you when you don’t expect them too..

Well, I still should get some sleep… SO thats what I’m gonna do.. I have had enough of these for today..  (look below)

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