Posted by: sebdude | September 25, 2006

NS part 2

Oh, here i start my rant again about that awesome public transport company we have in this nation. I really do not want rant and spend anymore about this.. but its clear for me, the NS or the dutch railway company does not offer rialble service between The Hague and Tilburg West on a monday morning at 7:20. Out of the 4 times that I took that train, it was late on 2 occasions. Thats just way too much, especially considering that I have to get up at 6:30 in the morning to catch that train.. Next weekend, I’m taking the train on sunday evening.. That way, I can get up later and I can’t mis lectures on monday morning at 8:45 anymore.. I find this really anoying… and hope the friggin NS company realizes that is it important for them to run on time.  I mean, why do that have schedule when they cannot follow. I think that public transport within the region of the 4 largest cities in the netherlands, a.k.a Randstad is fine, but once you leave that zone, it goes down the drain which is by far unacceptable. Thats why so many people choose the car over public transport. Its time for me start my own political party, and really mess up the hague.. big time

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