Posted by: sebdude | September 24, 2006


Sources: Apple phone on track for early ’07

By Ryan Katz, Senior Editor September 15, 2006 – Apple is working at a feverish pace to finish up its initial foray into the cellular phone market, but reliable sources report the new device will not be announced until Macworld Expo San Francisco in January 2007.

Think Secret – Sources: Apple phone on track for early ’07

Sweet, but I don’t think it would actually replace my iPod, unless it has the same capacity and functionality. This Is some picture I found on the internet.. Looks pretty sweet, like the old Nano.. Hopefully it will be a little more scratch than the old nanos and the ipods. I currently own an Samsung E770, which is not a bad phone at all. I can play mp3s as well, but i never use that feature.. I probably will get one when it comes out here in Holland, but by that time, the probably is some even better video ipod, which is even better than old iPod, making an iPhone nothing more than a cool apple gadget. Time will tell. Currently, I plan to buy myself either a new iMac or Macbook to replace my old vaio Desktop, which still isn’t to slow for todays standards but its a PC.. yuck.


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