Posted by: sebdude | September 23, 2006

Francis part 2

Hey Peepz,

Went downstairs again to the good old Zeekant, and I finally figured out that Francis has a boyfriend. Whoops, could of seent that one coming. There was this new guy there, at the Zeekant.. Fred, who I though was just some random strangler but he actually is her boyfreind. Thus next, onto Joyce than maar.. Is ook wel een leuke meid. Interesting note though, she asked me and Rod to come over tommorow during afternoon when she has to work. Maybe, nothing to read into, but you never know.. The funny thing is though, that I’m really not disappionted or anything. Jannes gave me some advice, he is like that I can better sign up for at some ‘dating site’, at least that way you can be yourself, and don’t have to pretend or anything. I dunno if that really is any good, after all, I see a dating sites as option when I’m 30, and I’m still not married.. I still have a slight headache from last night, so I’m signing of for now… I think it’s (look below) experience. lol

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