Posted by: sebdude | September 22, 2006

NS – Hell on more than 16 wheels

Yes, it friggin true again. The NS, or Nationale Spoorwegen fucked up my day again. There just so good at it, I think they should get an award for it. the NS is a dutch company who runs the rail roads in this small country, even though its so friggin small, they cannot manage to make sure that the trains arrive and depart on time. For me, this means that I will not get home in Scheveningen, which is like a 1:45 minute journey using public transport before 12:00 AM. THOSE YELLOW BLUE FUCKERS CAN NEVER GET ANYWARE ON TIME!!!!. They should seriously be taken over by the german rail road company, at least they will get every on time. The big problem though here in holland I think is that rail road network is way too busy, especially here near tilburg, there are just way too many freight trains. I think they clog up the networks, causing the commuter trains more delays than neccesary. Now, i understand that Pro Rail who owns the friggin rail road they need to make a buck, because Freight trains are much more possible, but if the NS can get rid of image that it never gets anyware on time, I bet that alot more people will use the train. They should also lower their prices, since it still is cheaper to take a car somewhere, then the train. Maybe I should start my own policatical party, I bet I’d have blast… Finally getting rid of the all those things that irritate me in this tiny country..  I gotta go now, catch me train…

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