Posted by: sebdude | September 22, 2006

Edah Supermarket

Oh, I had so much fun today when I went shopping today at our local supermarket. I didn’t have any cash on, besides for beer caskets which were empty. Here in holland, you pay statiegeld for them, which is like a small fee, to make sure that you bring them back to the store after the empty. Anway, I go there.. return the casket.. grab some food for tonight. So, I went to go pay for the food, but I don’t pay em, because they owe me money because the return free. LOL.. suckers.. I wish they that more often, it be so cool. Would you want use our product sir, will pay money to use it…. Sign me up for that… Below is a picture of Beer Casket, or bier krat in dutch for those of you who don’t knoe what it is

Krat Bawls binnen!

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