Posted by: sebdude | September 19, 2006

My sister’s cat is annoying

Yes, its true.. the real demon of cats Coco.. well actually, who actaully gives a damn about the cat.. No one.. my life is good.. Its getting better all the time actually. I passed my exams, started my Master in International Business, I’m getting more attention from woman than ever before (don’t ask me why) maybe because I feel more confident.. My good freind Rod’s back from Shang Hai, and we have been hanging out lately… oh yeah, and not to forget I actually got the job at the Apple center in Tilburg. There opening a new Mac store there, and I found the job offer on and replied. I had a small chat with the owner of the new store, and got the job. Its going be a lot better than plain old call center work that I have been doing since april 06. I might this really nice girl, who works down at the Zeekant Snooker Club downstairs from where my parents live. I actually know the owner of the bar, Rene and she has been working there so long because I would of met her before. She was born in Saudi, can you believe that.. she lived in several different countries like me.. pretty damn cool.. I’m going to ask her out one of these days. I never ran that hottelo chick again, I don’t even remember her name, I think it was Edith, but I believe i am complete wrong. All i know, is that she was blond, blue eyes, not too tall, and i met about 3 weeks ago in the Plaza in scheveningen which is a pauper tent, btw.. Oh, yeah and finally going to fullfill a special request of me sis, a pic of me and Rachel, a friend a i met 8 years ago in Oxford, UK during my Pre-IB camp.. she is a great girl… Hopefully I’m gonna visit her some time this fall, or winter..Rachel and Sebastiaan


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