Posted by: sebdude | August 12, 2006

The Update


Anyway… just quick.. Really busy.. Exam yesterday went pretty wel.. I actually think there is a chance in hell I passed the exam.. Pretty cool. I got a party tonite at Erwin’s joint. should be fun… The dogs are really annoying.. i especially are biggest Dachshund, Maxi.. SHE IS EVIL.. I tell you… Oh yeah, I managed to delete the boot record of my ye old pc with the ubuntu installer.. (a linux distro).. this meant that the ye old pc didn’t boot back into windows again.. but i fixed it using some obscure startup boot cd.. with some other odd progie.. but it did the job.. I’m typing now on that machine.. I really need to get back to working on my bachelor thesis. but I just have no have no mental brain power to force myself to do that.. oh, check out my profile you can see what music I listened to recently. I think the link is let me know if works for you.. join the music revolution.. I can actually for last fm to the lastest song I listened to on my blog.. pretty rad…

Sebastiaanvda's Profile Page


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