Posted by: sebdude | July 25, 2006

Wow, i haven’t posted on my blog for sometime

Its been too long, i know.. and thats like not the point of blog, not posting too it. Anyway, life is ok now. Last week, it didn’t look to good as it seemed that I have to quit my job at the call centre in Tilburg, but I called yesterday.. and they allowed my to take the next three weeks of for vacation so I can study for exams without have to quit my job. I only had to work yesterday, on a new project taking inbound calls for a mail order company, named Otto. I never had a such a chill and relaxed time at work like yesterday. Its work you can go to, and forget about.. perfect for a small job in combo with my University education.

My sister has been gone now for a week, and I miss her.. kind of.. lol. Its nice and quite besides for the damn animals, my three Dachshunds and a siamese cat who keep on looking for her all the time. Especially the cat seem to lost if a little bit, only active at night and annoys the hell out of my parental units. Oh yeah, Qui.. please update your blog more often.. and how Dubi treating you?

Studying sucks, as usual.. but I’ll get through it.. had a nice distraction last week during studying, spoke to a couple of friends online who I haven’t talked to in a couple of years via msn. Hooray for tech these days. continuing on with my rant about studying, its my own problem and i’ll manage to climb out of it. Thank god for the parental units who bought a small ac unit, so its a little cooler because the weathers has been extremely warm for the last couple weeks here in Holland.



  1. aww you miss me??? that’s sweet!!! how’s co doing now?? btw ur a hypocrit.. u need to update ur blog as well… good luck with exams!!

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