Posted by: sebdude | July 15, 2006

Studying for Exams and my Bachelor thesis

Well, its busy… VERY busy.. I have 5 exams coming near the end july and in the first three weeks of august as well. Not very nice, and then I have had in my bachelort thesis on the 18th of August.. YEss, its just busy. But to some extent, its is my own fault.. didn’t do crap before the exams were coming, and I always start to late with studying.. a very bad habit. Whenever I working behind my Mac, I always get sidetracked by small little things that are more interesting at that moment in time besides studying/writing i should be doing. Yeah, my math skills are no where near excellent, but if I put a little more efforts.. I could of saved this damn vacation. Shit happens, its not so bad.. I still have 2 free weeks in the end of the vacation to enjoy.. and I can slack off again in september.. yes, the student life.. it rules…


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