Posted by: sebdude | June 27, 2006

First post

Om my god….

I just opened my own blog… It took a really long time for me to get over the idea of publish on some log, which like the whole world can read on the internet.. but finally i did..

Who am I, still haven’t figured that one out yet but.. I am Sebastiaan van den Akker, aka Sebdude, a student of dutch decent, studying in Tilburg. Yes, in the netherlands of course. I study Business Studies, spending much time slacking off and doing nothing with my life. Yes, its not so good.. but before I moved back to the Netherlands, spend half of my life in foreign countries, such as Morrocco, China and Saudi Arabia. So, i think i have quite an international experience.. lol. this is becuase my parents work for the ministry of Foreign affairs.. anyway, my hobbies are fishing, nah.. just kiddin fishing on the internet for obscure stuff about Macs, thats what i do in my spare time. Wel, they really are computers, games, music, going out and r/c cars.. yup.. oh yeah, and of course blogging.. very leet..

my rant for today:

YES, i gotta work again, almost eight hours.. I have a partime job at a call center, place where you call people trying to sell the products they don’t really need. I hate it.. well, its not that bad.. since i don’t have to sell pension plan appoinmments anymore.. I got to sell trail subscriptions for the dutch newspaper ‘De Telegraaf’ to people who have already had a trail subsription or normal subscription to the paper… and that just is kick arse.. oh yeah, and Dentist suck 2… rant out

ok, this is it for now…





  1. WTF WAS THAT! learn how to SPELL you MORON!!!

    i hope you don’t moan this much all the time.. don’t make me read this shit in dubai!

  2. its not that bad… damn it

  3. yes it is, bitch

  4. spelfouten, slordig

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